Billy's New Office

Hello Friends,

After ten beautiful years in private practice at Kerbey Lane I'm making a BIG MOVE!  (Ok, I'm moving three blocks away, but it's big to me.)


Come see me at my new Franklin Square office:

3724 Jefferson
Suite 206
Austin, TX 78731
You can find a map here


That's enough news for one email, but WAIT, there's more! I also have a new domain and a website to boot:

...created by the amazingly talented Katrina Repman. The whole site is wonderful; and I especially love the logo she created. When I first saw it, I had the urge to drink tea out of a mug with that logo; but maybe I should unpack all the cardboard boxes first.

Many thanks to my friends, family, colleagues and clients.

I know I wouldn't be here without you.